We love to connect, we love bringing people together and we love creating memories, so we decided to start a company that would facilitate the ability for everyone to do just that! We wanted to share a little history about us and our biz and introduce our team!

Both of our co-founders (Min Kim & William Holdeman) were producing events, small parties, and community gatherings before they even started Social Scene (SS), but the new goal was to offer a variety of options to keep people connecting and creating some great memories year round! Thanks to our ever-evolving strategies and continuous improvements to offer our customers and brands the best experiences year after year, we’ve now grown to 12 cities. As we continue to expand, SS will create more custom concepts allowing corporations and brands to take advantage of the same marketing, promotions and strategies that has proven our ability to grow over the past 7 years. We call it experiential marketing and we look forward to connecting more people, building brand awareness and creating more memories for years to come! Our motto, “Be Social. Be Seen,” means social and brand visibility go hand in hand to build relationships. Come connect and experience with us! Social Scene greets every creative concept with excitement and we encourage feedback on clients’ experiences with our campaigns while progressing for the future. Great customer service is a top priority for us.





William has a passion for being connected and connecting others! Graduating from Indiana University in 2008 and partnering to start a couple finance companies, William discovered his true passion of bringing people together. William simultaneously started Social Scene in 2010 with other founders and contributing friends to create an environment that would connect people socially through fun and engaging settings. His passion is to create great times and memories, with the mindset to experience everyday to the fullest!

In his spare time, William enjoys traveling throughout the US and internationally, while sticking to his true self of connecting with the local population and understanding how they enjoy living. William has been blessed to meet some very close friends in the cities we have expanded to and has the pleasure of seeing them a few times each year. William also has a great crew in Chicago and loves being an explorer in his own city discovering new restaurants, bars, art galleries, live shows and outdoor activities. He fully embraces using the ride share program Divvy to get around the city!

William also strives to eat well and stay active, living by the motto "healthy body, healthy mind." He is passionate about using hummus instead of dressings in salads and using all fresh vegetables when creating his signature soup. Because midday can force him to crash on our office beanbags, eating a light lunch is his best way to power through the day.




Tamika Carlton, a native of Seattle, but a lover of Chicago - minus the winters + all the great food! A graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a major in Broadcast Journalism, her background in hosting a local television show in Seattle, and more than 15 years in customer service has helped to develop her passion for communication and connecting to in turn help to develop fun filled events. Daily, you can catch Tamika devouring great tacos, slurping down some fab margaritas and living lavishly on the couch taking in a new series on Hulu. Mantra for life - To understand love is to capture life in every moment!